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What supervision is exercised by the Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA)?

Insurance companies incorporated in Luxembourg fall under the supervision of, and must be fully authorised by, the Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA), the official supervisory body for the insurance sector within Luxembourg. The CAA comes under the direct responsibility of the Ministry of Finance.
The CAA supervises the implementation of the tripartite agreement, the Triangle of Security, which under Luxembourg law, provides maximum protection to life insurance policyholders. The cornerstone of this investor protection regime is the legal requirement that all clients' assets must be held by an independent custodian bank approved by the Luxembourg state regulator.
This regime ensures the legal separation of clients' assets from the insurance company's shareholders and creditors. Furthermore, the custodian bank is required to "ring-fence" clients' assets and is bound by the regulator's legal powers to protect the assets on behalf of policyholders.

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Where can I find Lombard International Assurance’s latest annual results?

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How many people work at Lombard International Assurance?

In 1991, Lombard International Assurance started with 5 staff members. Today over 350 employees work in the Grand Duchy head office with marketing consultants spread across 14 markets.